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(and say goodbye to waiting rooms)

A virtual-first, world class, healthcare system.

Are you ready to be happier, healthier, and wealthier?

Healthcare doesn’t have to look like this.

All about money.

Most people realize that healthcare is broken, but few know how bad it really is. Healthcare executives are some of the highest paid people in the world, but they aren’t paid to make you healthy. They are only paid when you get really sick, addicted, blow out your joints, or end in a bad place mentally. Simply put, healthy people bankrupt clinics, hospitals, pharma and medical device companies. No one is paid to keep you healthy. Most doctors would go out of business if just 20% of their patients got healthier. That’s a terrible business model.

Medici is the opposite.

A Proactive Approach to Health+Care

Your life will never be the same. You will live longer, you will have less pain, you will have more energy, and visit hospitals less – you will have a higher quality of life.

Medici is a modern healthcare system that has completely rebuilt healthcare from the ground up to be better in every way possible. You will find people with lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and less depression.

The benefits for Medici members are unprecedented — Here are just a few.

  • Every member has a deeply resourceful concierge that can schedule doctor visits, chase down a medical record, or research a complex condition for you.
  • Access to emergency doctors 24 hours a day.
  • Assigned a remarkable primary care provider who can back up your doctor or be the quarterback for your entire health.
  • Access to 900 of the world’s best specialists when things get really complicated.
  • Access to over 10,000 labs, doctors and surgeons who are highly ranked and will never send you a balance bill.

Primary Care that Actually Cares.

Not only do Medici members have a concierge doctor, they have their own Concierge. We've invented this new profession in our quest to reinvent healthcare.

Without primary care, people end up in specialty care that's not right for them, getting care they often don't need, becoming more confused because the system is so complicated.

With Medici, you don't have to choose convenience or a good primary care doctor—You get both.


Nicole Grimes

On a Monday morning in April Nicole saw a message that shook her.

A patient was detoxing from alcohol and having suicidal thoughts because her family life was in disarray.

Nicole reached out to nursing who got help on the way. She stayed on the phone with her, talked about her dogs and things that made her happy. When help arrived, she was hesitant to go because of her dogs, but Nicole promised her she would find help for them.

She reached out three days after discharge, and told Nicole, “You saved my life.”

She had no one to turn to and she trusted Nicole. She left an impression on her she still feels to this day. Nicole feels in her heart that she helped reconnect her and her family.

Patients like her are why this is truly Nicole’s calling.


Deborah Melendez

Dr. Melendez discovered her guiding principle in the jungles of Bolivia. While doing field research on tuberculosis patients, she was stunned to discover that patients weren’t completing their treatment, despite it being fully paid for by the government.

Deborah realized that patients need more than the right prescription. They need the right doctor and the right motivation. Simply, a consultation with Deborah is a masterclass in motivation for the body, mind and spirit.


“I see the whole person not just a medical profile. I treat the whole person not just a medical symptom. Let me help you live longer, happier, and healthier.”


Dr. Melendez is a board-certified family medicine physician. She began her medical career attaining honors in Biology at Wellesley College, before earning her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

She completed her internship at the Conroe Medical Education Foundation program and finished her residency at The Methodist Hospital in Houston in 2007. Over the past 14 years, Dr. Melendez has worked in private group practices, solo practice, and large federally-funded health centers. She is skilled at managing complex patients with acute and chronic problems.


Dr. Sida Yan

Dr. Sida Yan served on the front lines in Urgent Care during the pandemic, working 12-hour shifts in crisis conditions, all with a baby at home. Her husband built a UV light sanitizing cupboard in their garage for her to use at the end of each shift. Sida carries this same sacrificial commitment as a Medici Primary Care Doctor. Her empathy, love and experience make her a doctor like no other.


“I am profoundly committed to the health and happiness of my patients.”


Dr. Yan is a board-certified family medicine physician. She attended St. Louis University School of Medicine in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. After medical school, she joined her husband in San Antonio, where he was stationed as an active-duty Air Force officer. Sida completed her family medicine residency at UT

Health San Antonio and continues to enjoy practicing evidence-based medicine specifically tailored to each of her patient’s needs.

Hold on, I’d like to ask you a few more irrelevant questions.


Same Day Access to a Specialist.

Medici doctors can connect you to over 400 Specialists within a matter of hours.

While your friends will wait 30-90 days, sit in a waiting room, fill out paperwork, and tell their story from scratch.

Your Medici doctor visits the specialist within hours after meeting with you.

World Class Cardiology

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, not just in the US, but worldwide.

At Medici, we specialize in addressing the heart of the issue.

Our cardiologists work alongside our primary care and other specialty doctors to help develop treatment plans and manage our most complicated cases.

We believe in preventing and treating chronic disease before it strikes. Our value based collaborative care model is led by the primary care physician and includes a board certified cardiologist

Diabetes Prevention

Over 33% of US adults have prediabetes, but only 11% realize it.

This puts a shocking amount of people at risk for diabetic issues including heart diseases and strokes.

Medical costs and lost work and wages for people with diagnosed diabetes total $327 billion annually. Over the last two decades the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has doubled.

Medici’s Diabetes Prevention Program utilizes a collaborative care approach, bringing together a lifestyle physician, exercise specialist, diabetes educator, behavioral counselor, and health coach that specialize in supporting you in each step of treating and reversing prediabetes.

Spine + Muscle Specialists

The average employee loses 10 days per year due to musculoskeletal conditions ­– more than any other major health condition.

Over 50% of American adults report suffering from a musculoskeletal disease, significantly more than circulatory or respiratory conditions. 70% of employees who have missed time at work report having a musculoskeletal condition.

We deliver impeccable virtual first, clinical care that keeps people out of the hospital and avoids unnecessary surgeries by focusing on integrated partnerships and collaborative care. A custom, un-fragmented, evidence based approach reduces costs and improves outcomes. The result is reduced costs and healthier employees with a higher quality of life.

Our collaborative care model is led by the primary care physician (PCP) and a dedicated musculoskeletal care manager handpicked for your organization’s specific needs.

Medici is



No Copays, no surprise bills.

Your company has made a large investment in your health and well-being by engaging Medici to care for you and your loved ones.

Access to the World’s Top 1% of Doctors.

Our partnership with 2nd.MD gives you easy access to doctors around the world.

Through 2nd.MD you can get a comprehensive second opinion if requested by your Medici Primary Care Providers. Below are just a few of the partnerships we've established with hospitals and clinics around the world.


Dr. Haas Hogan

Dr. Haas-Kogan received her medical degree from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) in 1991. She completed a research fellowship, followed by a residency in radiation oncology at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (HDFCCC).

She spent 18 years as a radiation oncologist, researcher, and academic leader in the UCSF HDFCCC system before becoming Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital in 2015.

Dr. H is renowned for the treatment of cancers of the central nervous system and brain tumors.


Dr. Brian Cole

Dr. Brian Cole is a nationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, specializing in sports medicine and serves as the team physician for a number of teams including the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and DePaul University.

In 2009, he was selected as NBA Team Physician of the Year. Orthopedics This Week has named Dr. Cole as one of the top 20 sports medicine, knee and shoulder specialists repeatedly over the last 5 years as selected by his peers, and Dr. Cole’s awards range from the “Best Doctors in America” since 2004 and “Top Doctor” in Chicagoland since 2003.



Care for you.

Your Medici team is also available during the weekend and in the early morning hours when you need to get advice right away.

When you call the emergency line you will be greeted by a highly trained triage team which will determine if you indeed have an emergency or if your situation can be stabilized and wait until the morning.
For true emergencies, you will be connected with an Emergency Medicine doctor who will advise the best course of action for you or your dependents. These ER doctors have years of experience handling a vast range of emergency situations and are well trained to give advice when you need it most.

Let’s be honest, your habits are way more important than my skills.


We Care for

Your Pets Too.

A vet with my medical service? Sounds crazy.
It is — Crazy cool. There is also a lot of science behind it.

Pets enrich our lives by providing unconditional love, emotional support, and numerous physical health benefits, ultimately promoting a happier, healthier existence for their human companions.

Dr. Aaron Smiley

Dr. Aaron Smiley is a distinguished veterinarian who is passionate about animals and their caretakers. He obtained his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois and practices small animal medicine in Anderson, Indiana.

Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Smiley holds the position of Chief of Staff Advisor at over 25 VetCor clinics throughout the Midwest where he provides professional leadership. He is also a founding member of the Veterinary Virtual Care Association and has been influential in promoting telemedicine and technological advancements in veterinary medicine. He even designed a virtual care course for the University of Illinois iLearning Center.

Dr. Smiley had the honor of being the President of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association. During his tenure, Dr. Smiley played a crucial role in helping the profession navigate the COVID-19 emergency and helped ensure animal owners maintained access to veterinary care through collaboration with government officials.

He is a highly sought-after national speaker within the veterinary field and also serves on the Board of the Veterinary Nursing Program at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine.

66% of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills.


Supporting Your Mental Wellness with Free Therapy.

Let's face it, we all need to speak to someone from time to time when life gets overwhelming. The ability to speak with a team of mental health experts, in confidence, is often just what we need.

Medici’s team of counselors, therapists, and loving providers are available at no charge to you. What you might not know is that Medici has a remarkable Psychiatrist on the team to provide oversight for our behavioral health team.


Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas’ training and off-the-charts people skills make her an extraordinarily effective psychiatrist.

“I truly care about you. Helping you achieve mental health is my calling and I will serve you at your pace. I will walk alongside you patiently and compassionately.”

Know your


Imagine being able to do a 30 second face scan using your smartphone and get your blood pressure, heart rate variability, and even your skin age!

Our cutting edge technology provides these vitals and more for our doctors to use during your virtual consult. Additional data includes heart beats per minute, stroke risk, vascular capacity, diabetes, and heart attack risks.

* Use Access Code INSIDER after clicking button below.

A Personal


Tackling weight loss or preparing healthy meals can sometimes be daunting.

As part of your benefits, you gain access to your very own nutritionist who will help you achieve your personal goals by designing meal plans and coaching you along your health journey.

Bethany Finstad

Bethany became a nutrition and lifestyle expert because of two great loves in her life: people and food! As a passionate foodie, she doesn’t deprive her patients of the joy of good food. Rather, she helps them play the long game and believes the health elephant is best eaten one tasty bite at a time.

She is a one-person hype team, celebrating every tiny step forward that each patient takes with her. Best of all, having fought battles of her own, Bethany is easy to talk to. She has only one firm rule about her relationship with a patient: it’s a judgment-free zone.

Bethany completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics at Stephen F. Austin State University. As a registered dietitian, Bethany has worked in diverse settings, including sub-acute care for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, and other chronic health conditions. She has worked for hospice, and Meals on Wheels, and has experience with peritoneal and hemodialysis.

Start living

Happier, Healthier,

and Wealthier —